Sunday, April 26, 2009

Hey, Aunt Carolyn, Don't I Look Cute in the Outfit You Gave Me? and Bendaroos

It's finally warm enough to wear all the cute summer clothes that we have been stockpiling during the winter months. Today my daughter wore the cutest brown, pink and orange outfit that her aunt gave her for her birthday. I found the cutest shoes to match at the Carter's store for $3.99. Look at the adorable little miss! She even let me put barrettes in her hair which is completely unusual.

And recently we've been copying from Amy Bell and family and having fun with Bendaroos. Her blog post made me decide I should just break down and buy some since my son has been asking for them since last November. You should check out her etsy shop! So, thanks, Amy for inspiring hours of fun at our house. By the way, the box says that they don't take paint off the walls. Well, that's not exactly true.

Bendaroo tiara and sunglasses.

Bendaroo cowboy.

Bendaroo castle with knights in battle. And, yes, this is the wall where there's a little less paint than before I spent $19.99 on the Bendaroos. Oh, well. The child had so much fun and got seriously creative, so it was worth it.

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bdwsmom said...

Boy - that Aunt Carolyn sure does have great taste! Looking good Kate.